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April 2, 2009

Some New Glue

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Eric Wiesen

Eric Wiesen

Our friends (and portfolio company) Adaptive Blue have announced a new and excitingly better version of their flagship product, Glue.

Since it launched, Glue has been helping people share and explore a variety of categories across the web, linking people on disparate sites through shared interest and commentary. The new release adds a critical piece of the feedback loop, allowing users to have conversations about books, music, movies, wine, stocks, etc… within the Glue experience.

The new version also starts to capitalize on the vision of social filtering, and allows a given user to see the different things their particular friend group likes and visits the most often. It’s essentially a snapshot of my social graph’s activity and engagement across the web.

Lastly, the new version of Glue includes a leader board of the most popular things the Glue community are interacting with and seeing as they browse the web. This enables a given user to easily see the current zeitgeist of the entire community.

Congrats to Alex and the whole team for an impressive new release. For those who aren’t yet Glue users, check it at at

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  1. Great to see Glue get even better. I like how Glue provides a cross-platform solution for social filtering. I think it is important for users to be able to interact with each other regardless of which website they visit, or else we get stuck in these vertical social networks. I also like the ability to see a history of my social interactions across the web – Glue has the potential to overtake websites like Digg.

    Comment by William Peng — April 2, 2009 @ 3:21 pm

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